Peacekeepers - Moderate the gameservers, help players ingame, answer ingame requests, and answer game related support tickets. Peacekeepers also help with forum and site moderation.

If you have not been playing actively in any of Universal Hosting's servers do not apply for this position.

Peacekeepers are picked from a pool of applications based upon the best qualifications. Users applying for this position must have an active forum and Minecraft account, must have played on the server regularly for at least 2 months. We do not judge applicants based on age, however we prefer if applicants are 17 and up. Applicants must also have detailed Minecraft knowledge in both survival and creative modes. IT related experience is also preferred. The more you know about servers and Minecraft, the more likely you are to be picked. All Peacekeeprs must have perfect VAC standing. Peacekeepers must have all games that they apply for installed on legit Steam account.

Reports To:  Gamemasters

Benefits and Payment: Staff Package / Voulnteer

Staff Package:

-Staff Webspace

-Staff Gameserver Packages

-Access to staff only / administrative areas required for position

-Moderator status on all gameservers


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